Trivia Night!

Overview: Who doesn’t love trivia games? This is a fun and interactive game show that has a ‘trivia master” asking cool, creative and funny questions to your teams in a ‘friendly’ competition!

Objective: We will theme the quiz show format to be focused purely on your group’s  event for lots of fun and laughs. We set up the activity in a small  group format where participants collaborate, filling out their team  score sheets and competing to answer as many questions correctly as  possible! (without utilizing Google or cell phones) We’ll also pump in  music throughout the event.

The activity format is designed with  three rounds and includes a variation of themed questions like sports,  entertainment and maybe even fun facts from your company! We’ll also mix  in songs, incorporate word scrambles and word associations that will  keep all participants on their toes!  The “Trivia Night” event has a lot  of energy and is fun after dinner (or any time of day) for some great  relationship building and camaraderie.

Length: Approximately 2-3 hours (including briefing, post-event scoring and awards)

Location: Lakefront (with available beach area) or large field, space or ballroom