Fun. Unique. Rewarding.

Team Building


Group Hugs and Kumbaya are so 80's...check out our current  innovative and unique team building challenges.​  

Community Outreach


We partner with a number of organizations within the community that receive the fruits of your event.

Scavenger Hunts


Check out our various technology driven hunts, paper hunts and other dynamic scavenger hunts.

About TTU


Why Team Training Unlimited?

We like working with  people. We like facilitating teams. We like being creative. We like designing interesting events. We like giving back to Orlando and  Florida.


How does all of this translate into something you might like?

Simple. We created a business called Team Training Unlimited and it is about our people creating great relationships with your  people, then designing and delivering dynamic programs in creative and  interesting ways. Building Better Relationships for Better Business ​ has been our mantra since we started and it is a statement that resonates  with our team and the message we hope to instill in your team. 

So  give us a call if you'd like to create a corporate team building  experience that engages your team in a fun, interactive and  collaborative way that is customizable and affordable for all groups.  From hi-tech scavenger hunts to packing care packages for soldiers overseas and even building your own mini golf course, we have the  program for you!