The A-to-Z Hunt

OVERVIEW: This A to Z Hunt is a unique activity in which a team’s goal is to locate and/or complete a task for each letter of the alphabet. The key point is that it can NOT be anything the OTHER TEAMS FIND OR DO….Duplicate items will not count! This is a creative and fun activity that we include different “add-ons” to each letter to make it more challenging, competitive and fun! Collecting, finding and listing items, taking snapshots and searching for answers to questions are a few of the fun aspects during this exciting adventure! We’ll score at the end and see which teams finished on time, got the right answers and were the most creative!

OBJECTIVE:  Participants on pre-selected teams will have to collect, list, photograph, design and even ‘buy’ creative answers for the letters of the alphabet. We include a score sheet that we’ll tally up to determine a ‘winning’ team. This is a fun, competitive hunt that fits all budgets!

Closing (optional): The closing is a group report out where teams talk about their items they collected for selected letters with lots of laughs and creative stories from all the groups. (additional 30-45 minutes required) We have conducted this program with high success at various locations including Ybor City in Tampa, Universal CityWalk, the Magnificent Mile in Chicago and Bourbon St. in New Orleans to name a few. 

Length: Approximately 2-2.5 hours (including briefing, post-event scoring and awards)

Location: Resort or theme park area