Rocket Blast

OVERVIEW: Let the countdown begin! Rocket Blast is a great program mixing in creativity, communication, teamwork and fun! Small teams must work to design, construct and launch water-powered rockets that can generate enough power to blast them hundreds of feet in the air! Each team member’s skills are needed to make these missions successful. This program provides teams with a basic design template that they then embellish with unique elements to create a  rocket style and design all their own! This is a fun process of  designing, building and testing the rockets. If time permits, teams will  market their rocket to customers and present their marketing “pitches”  to the entire group.

OBJECTIVE: Each  team’s creative rockets must be able to protect a precious payload  contained in the nose cone of the rocket. This payload is a raw egg that  must be secured before, during and after launch!

This  challenging and innovative construction activity creates opportunities  for participants to enjoy working together as we integrate some of your  mission into the program. These launches are dazzling!!

Length: 1.5 to 2 hours (including briefing, post-event scoring and awards)

Location: Must have outdoor launch area