Building-A-Bike Challenge

OVERVIEW: This dynamic team building program gives participants an active and participative environment!Teams will be challenged to collaborate, utilize leadership skills and communication while working on a community outreach project!

OBJECTIVE: Group problem solving activities, creative challenges, trivia, photo shoots and puzzles (think the Hit TV Show ‘Minute to Win It’) are just a few ways the teams will gather resources in order to complete their finished bike projects. Teams must complete each activity in order to go to the ‘Store’ and retrieve embellishments, helmets, arts & crafts, bells & whistles. (Superhero themes, local sport teams, animated films/characters, etc.) Once the team completes all the tasks and collects the materials, they will be given 1 bike and tools and can start to assemble and decorate their bikes.

The final “Bicycle Projects” will be uniquely designed and customized by all teams to include a hand-made card. Each bike will be decorated based on the ‘theme’ the team selects and participants will present their bike in a 30-second team presentation. (judging for competition and prizes optional) All bikes will then be donated to deserving children and families.

We can handle the logistics, communications and details related to having the bikes delivered to the Boys and Girls Club (or other charity). A representative from the organization will speak at the event and share some background information regarding their group and the bike recipients. (Optional)

Length: Approximately 2-2.5 hours (including briefing, post-event scoring and awards)

Location: Outdoor space or ballroom