The Amazing Rush Challenge

OVERVIEW: Based on the hit TV Show “The Amazing Race” this activity dynamic adventure finds teams traveling on foot using maps, coded​ clues and various creative methods to navigate from one unique location to the next. Teams are provided with a list of various checkpoints to perform at each location with items to collect, challenges to complete and answers to acquire along the way. There are many checkpoints so each team will need to work on a collaborative strategy. For the “Amazing Race” angle, we build in Road Blocks, Detours (giving a choice of 2 tasks to perform before moving on) and Fast Forwards that allow teams to skip ahead in the course.   

The teams choose their own routes based on the strategy they have discussed. The objective is to collect the highest point-score possible (as noted in the point and location sheet). Teamwork, planning, communication and leadership will all play a part in the group’s success!

Participants will be challenged mentally, physically (as much as they choose) and will have a fantastic time with their teammates. Your group will be totally immersed in “The Amazing Rush” from start to finish – we guarantee it!   There will be one winner who walks away with all the bragging rights!

Length: Approximately 2-2.5 hours (including briefing, post-event scoring and awards)

Location: Outdoor space at resort or theme park